Dining Out Gluten-Free

What a concept!
I firmly believe that the only safe place to "eat out" is a totally gluten-free restaurant, of which there are zero in or near Memphis.  But there are tricks to eating out that could work.  You have to consider:
  • Do you trust the cooks or chefs to prepare your food without accidentally - OOPS! - dropping a couple of crumbs in your food?  Look around the restaurant.  Are the utensils and surroundings clean?  Think about it.  
  • Do you trust that the foods that are offered to you as gluten-free are actually just that?  I have been to too many restaurants where the hostess/host and server have no idea what gluten-free means.  Sometimes I even wonder if the manager has a clue.  I would not eat in a restaurant that I can't trust. 
  • Do you trust the server who tells you that fryers are dedicated for gluten-free foods?  Read on ... 
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