Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tonka Truck Williamson

My husband and I bought Casper, a Maltese puppy, after we had been married about two years.  What a precious little guy!

We decided that Casper needed a little buddy to play with while Glen and I were away at work, so we purchase another Maltese from a friend.  It just happened that the second dog's name was also Casper, so we re-named #2 to "Two." 

Casper and Two lived happily together for many years until they were both old and in diapers.

After our two Maltese passed away, I promised myself that I would never ask my husband for another dog.  I was worn out from brushing ... and brushing ...

A few months before our older daughter was going to leave to attend college, we began to think that we might add another dog to our family to keep our younger daughter company in her sisters' absence.  We started looking at and reading books about different breeds in an effort to find the dog that would fit with us.  My husband discovered Tonka through Petfinder and the Collierville Animal Shelter website. 

Tonka loves to cuddle under blankets, prefers coats and sweaters to shivering, monitors all traffic - including leaves, insects and birds - on our street, and doesn't sit still for longer than a minute.  He's a little thief!!  After parenting our little Maltese lap dogs, we have adjusted to this hyper little comedian, Tonka Truck Williamson.

I had to cut this coat off Tonka.  I was able to sew it without using Velcro or snaps.  That turned out to be a mistake.  He somehow managed to put one front arm in its entirety through the neck hole (which was barely large enough to get his head through), and his other front arm was bent and stuck in a front sleeve.  The little guy couldn't move!  So, I cut the coat off and threw it away.  I'm thankful that I have this picture, though!

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